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Today’s blog post isabout an author, an actor and a traveller. It has photo, a fact, a link and a wish.
The original manuscript ofThe Narrative of John Smith was lost in the post en route to the publisherand had to rewritten from memory. Ironic considering that the author himselfpreferred ‘it never saw the light of day’. Penned in 1883 and 1884, the unfinishedstory isn’t so much novel as a foundation for what would follow.

16 September 2010 the day the pope came to town

Through the character of John Smith, a50-year-old man confined to his room by an attack of gout, the author sets downhis thoughts and opinions on literature, war, science, religion and education. In so doing, we’re given an insight into the mind of a strugglingyoung Portsmouth doctor struggling even harder to get his works published.
127years after being written, the book will finally see the light of day. SherlockHolmes creator Arthur Conan Doyle’s first novel is to make its debut in September.
Happydays if you’re a fan of Holmes and Watson. I’m not. I tried reading a Doylebook once but got horribly bored. One minute I’m walking the streets of oldeworlde England, I turned the page and found myself in the wild wild west. Arr-fullyconfusing. But I did think the pub in Edinburgh was quaint and Robert Downey Jnr as Sherlock Holmes is hot.
So there you have it; a blog post about an author, an actor and a traveller with aphoto, a fact and a link. Happy reading. 

One thought on “happy reading

  1. Are you starting a book club? Unfortunately I haven't read the Sherlock Holmes book. I did enjoy the movie thanks to you know who… Yes, even boys dig Robert Downey Jr. He was particularly interesting in this movie because he shared the screen with yet another charmer: Jude Law. Perfect combination. But hey, I must stop talking about this, lest I sound gay. LolI finished reading all the books I have (miracle!) and I'm buying a book or two this coming weekend. I have no idea what to buy yet. Any recommendations? I read travel, sci-fi, fantasy, and lately, thriller. You got something to recommend in these categories, I'd be happy to consider.Take Care

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