Christian Louboutin sues Yves St Laurent over Trademark Red Soles

So! Yves St Laurent has decided to copy Christian Louboutin. That’s my opinion and, of course, you may disagree but I doubt you’ll change my mind. Click here for the full story but promise you’ll come back.

of all the colours in all the world, why mess with my red soles

Two steps back. YSL has decided to market a range of red soles like the distintive Christian Louboutin trademark women across the world have swooned over; coveted so strongly that they’ve been known to paint their shoe soles with red nail varnish. Loubi’s are so brilliantly identifiable that the designer himself has spotted his wares on shoppers’ feet in stores and autographed the soles.

Desirability created by a simple idea is the mark of creative genius. And now YSL wants to ride the tail of Louboutin’s star.  I think it’s pathetic. Copying a trademark limits inspiration, questions self-confidence and diminishes the true essence of a brand. Why would YSL want to do that to an already reputable, highly-desirable, luxury brand?

But we still love shoes

3 thoughts on “Christian Louboutin sues Yves St Laurent over Trademark Red Soles

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