I Made Tiramisu

So what’s the big deal, you may ask. Mankind has made fire, rockets for moon landings and shoes. Making a dessert shouldn’t be considered an achievement worth shouting from the rooftops. Or should it?

Yip, that’s a tea cup on the side not a champagne flute. A day of surprises, all round.

Well you need to understand that I cannot bake to save my life. I can cook a three course sit down meal for eight. Comfortably. But baking, huh uh? The last time I baked a cake was back in high school and my parents, after lovingly consuming my offering like parents do, were both ill for the rest of the day.

Inspired by Karisa’s achievement, (click here for her authentic foolproof recipe) I thought I’d give sweets another try and I have to say, I’m feeling quite chuffed with myself right now. Ok, so making tiramisu may not be considered baking but hey, give a girl a break. Life’s all about the little victories and in my opinion this is one of them. Who knows, I may just give real biscuits a try someday. Now, about that exercise routine;-)

Have a great Sunday evening folks. Happy baking.

love & light

Clouds xxx