David Beckham, Katy Perry, Lionel Messi & Derrick Rose for Adidas

When sport and fashion collide, eye-candy is emitted in abundance. Thought you may want to see the latest ad campaign from the house of three stripes; sporting apparel label; Adidas.

Watch my personal favourite David Beckham, Barcelona football legend Lionel Messi and American NBA All-Star Derrick Rose go all in on their run with muso-fashionista Katy Perry.While you’re waiting for that little wheel of death to fully download the YouTube video, here are a few still shots to linger over. Continue reading

Earth Hour 2012

Celebrate Earth Hour along with millions around the world, tomorrow, Saturday 31 March

I read on Twitter this morning that a record 5 411 cities and towns across 147 countries and territories will be participating this year. Goose bump stuff, huh? So make sure you’reΒ  part of this global phenomenon by switching off all lights tomorrow at 8:30pm CAT. Continue reading

Look of the Week: Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani gets me vote for Look of the Week. With her platinum hair, red lips and black sunglasses, she’s defined an iconic skater-girl-all-grown-up look which is still fresh and new every time she steps out.

A pop of colour like the stripe along her jeans and postman’s satchel will freshen a traditionally monochromatic look.

As the weather in Cape Town cools and with the weekend right here, recreate her look with items from your wardrobe and have fun with a pop of colour. Happy Friday.

love & light