Design Indaba Expo 2012; Decor

Furniture and decor at the Design Indaba Expo concentrates strongly on sustainability, recycling ordinary household items into innovative design or good old quirky. A few exhibits resembled jazzed up craft; taking beading which started out in South Africa as a rural development craft, into high end art. Case in point; the beaded wall hangings at the entrance.

Personally, Ive had enough of beads but this is still pretty impressive.

Some designs were like ‘you want how much for that?’ Others were an opened mouthed, shock horror reaction of  ‘how’d YOU make it back this year?’. A few stood full head and shoulders above the crowd while one to wo soared proving that South Africa can be reckoned as young-innovation-going-places. Here’s what caught me eye.

Everyday household products beard to absolute precision by Monkeybiz. Love.

Monkeybiz South Africa is the real deal. Its a non-profit organization started in 2000 which focuses on women’s economic empowerment and health development in economically strained areas. This year they’ve taken beading to the next level by recreating ordinary  household products like Hulettes sugar and Rooibos tea boxes. Yes, beads. I liked these because they were quirky and fun.

Serpentine beaded frames and vases.

Chandler House ceramics.

Chandler House and Serpentine shared a stand combining wire & bead mirror frames and ornamental vases which I think is trying too hard with glazed earthenware ceramics and homeward. They complimented each other remarkably well  so overall, a strikingly sophisticated look.

Zavick, the artist at work.

Denim and leather artist Zavick is being sponsored by Woodheads Design Collectiive. This guy is crazy and fun to speak to. He’s appealing for an agent to assist in marketing his work as well as all your old denim jeans because without any, he can’t create this.

Now for some of my favorites.

I love bokkie too:-)

Bet you have a smile on your face looking at this. Now imagine your child’s delight.

Durban based Wendy-lee Douglas is the smart spaces designer behind I Love Bokkie, a collection of really cool kiddies furniture and decor. Not knowing much about kids and their needs, I did however notice how cleverly all corners are rounded for safety. Amazing how something so simply obvious could become such a striking key feature. Visit her blog for some charming decor finds and ideas. Nice one lady. I wish your business all success.

Typewriter lamp

Suitcase armchair

Vanity case shelves

Katie Thompsons describes her studio  Recreate  as Extra Ordinary Repurposed Furniture and Lighting. And that it is. My absolute favorite designer for pure ingenuity and originality. Love her work.

Cute coat hooks

Get these cute painted wrought iron coat hooks from Chris Vintage Designs. Perfect for a little girl’s room or shabby chic divas. Email or call +27 (o)73 611 1446.

Sustainability was a key design player at DI like these lampshades made from tin buckets

David Krynauw is a young designer who’s doing some incredible work. Vist his website to view his simple, striking furniture designs. I loved these desk lamps made from sustainable wood and tin buckets. Man, you gotta love South Africa.

I could keep going you get the idea. The tip of Africa has some cool stuff made by awesome people. Happy shopping.

love & light

Clouds xxx

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