Cafe Caprice Summer Shakedown Breakfast Special is Delish

Cafe Caprice,on the popular Camps Bay strip, needs no introduction as the go-to hot spot on the Atlantic Seaboard. In fact, I think the term Sunday sundowners was coined right here, where brushing shoulders with the Cape Town in-crowd is as casual an affair as a walk on the beach.

You need to get here right now.

But there’s more to this gem than just beautiful people and devilish cocktails. The food menu is seriously to die for with their burgers pulling high rank in the Cape Town city guide ‘best burger’ stakes. Not content with using the incredibly view as a draw card, Cafe Caprice has upped the ante yet again by introducing a super-healthy breakfast menu special which tastes guiltily delish.

The epitome of beauty, health and vitality all round:-)

Thanks to an invitation from Sammy Guinness of Brandnew Marketing, Leigh and I got to try it out on Saturday morning. You are gonna love this. Fresh from an appointment at a beauty salon, I met the ladies looking casually fabulous despite Leigh suffering from the effects of a few too many vodka caramels the night before.

ohhhh! Refreshingly dee-lish.

She headed straight for a virgin Bloody Mary. I opted for a freshly squeezed orange juice but come the next round, I mimicked her. I know that sounds so naff, like I can’t make up my own mind but it was just so good. The spice ratio was perfection in a glass.

Chef Guy’s impressive CV includes a stint as Sol Kerzner’s personal nutritionalist. For the interview at Cafe Caprice, he simply walked into the kitchen, rolled his sleeves up and started cooking. I guess he proved his mettle, don’t you?

Now onto the food prepared by  Silwood-trained chef, Guy Theunisson. One of the coolest, most relaxed kitchen magicians I’ve met, he took the time out to chill and chat. He’s personal mission was to create a menu which one could almost say epitomizes Cape Town; seasonal, fresh, enticing. He’s even gone so far as to ditch the oil completely, preferring a ‘low fat’ cooking spray to keep the meals light and healthy. Success.

Colour. Texture. Yummy.

I ordered two medium poached eggs on toasted, 100% rye with grilled tomato and fresh basil for R26. The eggs popped beautifully, oozing bright yellow runny yolks. Free range, of course.

Poached or scrambled? Decisions, decisions.

Leigh had the smoked salmon which is normally served with a mountain of fluffy scrambled eggs – but opted for poached as well. Her meal cost an unbelievable R50. Seriously, these guys are offering simple, good food at unrivaled value.

This is almost sinful in is fresh deliciousness.

Sammy’s cleverly customized her meal. Described as an Avo & Egg Slice; its a single slice of  rye with Avo and scrambled eggs for R34. She chose poached instead of scrambled eggs and doubled the serving. You’re salivating right now, aren’t you? Also on the menu is a classic; three slices of toast served with tomato, cucumber and anchovy spread for R30. And the ever-popular toasted oats served with cinnamon, nuts, fresh fruit and Bulgarian yogurt for R38. But I’ve saved the absolute best for last.

Free coffee by Lavazza.

Yes! Cafe Caprice Summer Breakfast Shakedown Menu available until the 31 March serves up a selection of delectable healthy meals and a free Lavazza coffee to boot. Love.

Take it all in. Then smile.

Breakfast with your mates on a summer’s morning in Cape Town with a view like this; there’s not much more one could ask for. Happy living.

love & light

Clouds xxx

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