Rachel de Mardt is My New Fave South African Designer

On Wednesday evening, Elrico invited us to Rachel de Mardt‘s preview sale at 34 Merchants on Long. I went along because he used the magic word ‘sale’ so you see my resistance did not stand a snowball’s chance in hell.

Merchants on Long is kinda like YDE where designers each showcase a rail of their designs.

Sustained by a vodka, lime & soda and a super long gossip session with him and darling, Ritza, I was in seventh heaven.

To further reduce my resistance.

Fashion, vodka & gossip with Elrico & Ritza; what more could one ask for.

Rachel is officially my new fave South African designer. Her creations ooze classic. Seriously, if Audrey Hepburn were alive, she’d be shopping here. Cocktail dresses and pencil skirts in a shimmering palette ranging from silver to coral and red.

Victoria Beckham would turn green looking at these thinking to herself, ‘why can’t I design like this?’.

Chiffon polka dot pussycat bow blouses complimented fully-lined boyfriend blazers which featured incredible button detail on the sleeves. They both mingled comfortably with a host of LBD’s that could easily carry you from office to party. All you’d need to do is swop shoes and accessories.

I could have bought it all.

Then there was what I called the indulgence rail. Listen to this. From it hung a full length black sequined evening sheath of sexiness; Rachel’s favorite piece from this collection.

Th rail of indulgence. I particular loved the little summer day dress in a newsprint fabric.

A close-up of the sexiness which falls all the way to the floor.

Lined up for your attention, the rail of indulgence also proudly sported a long-sleeved white lace mini dress, very en vogue right now, alongside a mini cocktail number in silver sequins. Ritza has the same in gold. A black leather tunic brushed sides intimately with what can only be described as a short white flurry of feathers. I’m convinced any one of these little numbers would pull an admiring crowd even on a bad hair day.

Work the animal print for another season, my lovelies. Pair with anything from a plain white t-shirt to a black jersey knit dress or any neutral shade in between.

I walked away thinking, I’m definitely gonna be back, but not before spoiling myself with a gorgeous chiffon snakeskin scarf. Animal prints are still in, ladies and gents. Treat yourself.

Rachel de Mardt has definitely become my go-to designer for all things classic and fabulous.

Rachel, thank you for a classic evening.

Happy shopping, my lovelies.

love & light

Clouds xxx

PS: I pulled the last pic from Elrico’s blog, Luxo. Sorry dude. Mine just didn’t look as good. *mwah*

4 thoughts on “Rachel de Mardt is My New Fave South African Designer

  1. What’s not to love about this article! Seriously I LOVE the way u write and thx so much for all the compliments! Ur devine! Xxxx

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