What women talk about on a ‘girls night out’?

Thursday evening saw a few ex-Jupiter girls get together for some pizza, wine, laughter and a marathon chin wag. Kim chose Carlyle’s on Derry Street in Vredehoek, a longstanding bastion of pizza-liciousness. We found out much later it was actually her local as she lives about 200m down the road, close enough to score free tequilas from the owner.

Carlyle’s wheat-free pizza bases are highly recommended.

I, on the other hand, had to contend with stretching my allotted two units over a period of four hours allowing safe passage through a road block en route home. Next time I’m choosing the venue and catching a cab. *green-eyed monster surfaces and retreats*.

In preparation for writing this post, I conducted a quick dipstick survey on whether men really care what women talk about. The Chosen One willingly offered to answer on behalf of all straight, beer-drinking, footballer-playing men who have successfully celebrated ten years of marital bliss. (Our tenth anniversary was on Friday) So, do men care what women talk about on a girls’ night out? Continue reading