TLC Facial Wipes Save Water Challenge

Simone from DTM, a marketing and events company, dropped off a pack of TLC Deep Cleanse Make Up Remover Facial Wipes this morning along with a dare to try saving seven litres of water per day. Drinking neat whiskey didn’t count.

40 wipes, twice a day @ 7 litres per wash. That’s a saving of 280 litres of water over 20 days. Sjoe! No pressure, Clouds.

Adcock Ingram, the makers and distributors of these wipes, have launched the summer TLC Save Water campaign by encouraging you to change one simple daily habit; which is to use a facial wipe instead of traditional cleanser and water.

It’s been estimated that we use up to seven litres of water every time we cleanse our faces so a pack of 60 wipes would save South Africa 360 litres of this precious life-giving commodity.

Armed with a 40-pack of 3-in-1 camomile extract deep cleanse make up remover facial wipes for sensitive to normal skins, *breathe in* I’ve agreed to take on the challenge with an open mind not just a heart sympathetic to the environment

See, diving in head first is something I  do often. My perception and reasoning is that I’m invincible and can pretty much do anything I put my mind to including slaying dragons in my sleep and resisting carbs or champagne. But boredom sets in easily and if instant gratification doesn’t present itself… well instantly, then off to the back of the cupboard with you. So in an attempt to prevent premature surrender or boredom, I’m arming myself with some open ended questions.

Has AdCock Ingram created a ‘guilt-ladened’ campaign just to raise sales of a product which isn’t even environmentally-friendly? These wipes will eventually make their way to a landfill.

How effective are these wipes in cleansing your skin? Or will you overlook potential shortfalls  in an attempt to save the environment?

How difficult will changing such a sub-conscience act as face-splashing be?

Am I prepared to surrender my trusted Clinique Face Wash? Don’t worry, Daily Scrub, you’re safe.

Will the reward of saving seven litres of water outweigh the refreshing unadulterated, pleasure of ice-cold water on my skin?

Or am I over-analysing this in true Virgo-style, when I could just be saying, whatever!.

This morning I tweeted;

Perhaps I should take my own advice and go for it.

Follow me on twitter for regular updates on my progress. Your feedback (or support) using the hash tag #TLCSaveWater would be appreciated. You may also be interested in what good friends Karisa and Leigh had to say about this product. Wish me luck. Happy splashing. Or maybe not:-)

love & light

Clouds xxx

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