Wild Olive Unveils the Table Mountain Limited Edition Collection

The Table Mountain Limited Edition Collection inspired by the new, natural 7th wonder of the world was unveiled at champagne o’ clock on Wednesday evening at  Wild Olive in the Cape Quarter.

The Table Mountain Limited Edition ranges in price from R595 – R895.

Show us South Africans Table Mountain or a protea and we’ll go gaga with pride. Combine these elements in a collection of luxury bath & body products and you might be pretty close to getting us toyi-toying, vuvuzelas in hand.

Ok, so there’s no way I’m gonna toyi-toyi in Loubi’s – or ever – for that matter. But I did ohh. Many times. Here’s the glam company I mingled with.

Me with Karen, the brand custodian responsible for taking Wild Olive to new heights. Yes, she is that gorgeously tall and I was in heels.

Fellow bloggers and just plain cool, chic-ness; Karisa who you’ve met loadsa times with Tori from KissBlushAndTell.com

O Mag beauty editor, Chereen, and Lauren from dearheartbeauty.com

Tori in pretty pastel is a fan of the Gardenia range. In the sexy black and grey is Wild Olive graphic designer, Caterina – with fabulous Leigh in navy. Love the red lips. V. Gwen Stefani.

Now for the goodies. The new range features handmade, organic candles, soap, shea body butter and an eye balm in beautifully hand painted porcelain dishes and bowls. A protea design in two styles adorn the exquisite packaging. Chose from a gently aged, almost victorian-like pencil drawing for the feminine in you or the ritzy metallic gold for your diva alter ego. Guess which one I’d chose. Striking black and cream pouches handmade from Merino wool complete the look beautifully.

A close of those exquisitely hand painted collector’s pieces. Only 50 of each product has been made and crafted.

I lathered on the shea body butter which was infused with Cape May, Cape Snow Bush, African worm wood and Buchu, all natural fynbos indigenous to South Africa. Cool and refreshingly pepperminty.

Shea body butter promises to restore a natural glow to your skin.

The botanical candle scent is called ‘Flora Capensis’; which simply means Flowers of the Cape.

The botanical candle is made from locally sourced organic oils and waxes, the olive oil soap from cold pressed organic olive oil and other fine oils from around the continent.

Rich lathering cold pressed olive oil soap in soap dish.

My fave. Plants which fragrance the eye balm are selected purely for their restorative properties but it still smells like heaven on earth. I guess that would be Cape Town.

The eye balm which, get this, doubles as a lip balm so can actually be used as an all-over face cream, is hand blended using jojoba butter, beeswax, apricot kernel and carrot seed oil. Recessionistas, you’re clearly getting bang for your buck with this double whammy.

Here’s to all things purely South Africa…

and Champagne, of course.

In my opinion, this collection has captured the essence of South African botany but you need to visit the stores or shop online for a full Wild Olive experience. I think we’re gonna see a lot more springing up around the country. Happy pampering.

love & light

Clouds xxx

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