Street Style; Winter Must-Have Leather Ankle Boots

Instead of spending a small fortune on chocolate this weekend, the sum which could feed a small army, I treated myself to another object of joy. And with pride, I could look The Chosen One in the eye to say with all honesty that it was on sale.

Danielle Michelle leather ankle boot from Queue Shoes

Well, actually it wasn’t on sale but I had been squirreling away my Queue Shoes *loyalty points for this moment, so I got 25% off.

I’m not a fan of wearing wide-mouth ankle boots with skirts. Your legs kinda resemble a broom sticking out of a bucket. Lace-up boots are ok since they grip the ankle in a less bucket-like fashion. The look I’m going for this winter is to pair these with skinny jeans, jeggings or leggings with a host of jackets, coats, faux fur gilets, chunky knits and denim shirts. I’ve collected some ideas to get me started.

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* To earn Queue Shoes loyalty points, buy 5 regular priced items. Get 25% off the 6th purchase. It may take a while of you don’t have thousands to spend on shoes, but well worth wait. Happy shopping.

love & light

Clouds xxx

4 thoughts on “Street Style; Winter Must-Have Leather Ankle Boots

    • Hello Mel,
      Thank you so much:-) And thanks for sharing your love of fashion.
      I love that you have a pair which works with everything. In my mind, those are the ones which have paid themselves off a hundred times over – or so I keep telling myself:-)
      Have a great day.

  1. Hi I hope you can help me I really want a pear of this leather black ankle boots but don’t find in Cape Town can you please help me for a number 4?

    • Hi Melissa,
      this post was written 3 years ago so you will not find this exact style. However, queue shoes always has ankle boots. And look out for a blog post I;ll be doing on Viva Boots at Footgear.


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