Victoria Beckham Celebrates her 38th Birthday

So, my besties David and Victoria celebrated her 38th birthday on Tuesday. I didn’t crack the nod simply because they decided to keep it a close family affair . That’s the official story and I’m sticking with it, ok? ;)

Just in case you didn’t know, the purple is her fashion label’s corporate colour. Take notes; there’s never a day when the brand isn’t kept alive.

She posted a pic on her official FB page of the start to her special day. Sweet.

Looking amazing in a leather halter neck. Her diet will explain the high level of hot-ness..

The family then headed off  to a sushi restaurant in Los Angees called Matsuhisa for a spot of lunch. And if you’re wondering whether the birthday girl let her guard down for some birthday cake, think again.

Discipline, or what? Just as well I couldn’t make it to lunch. *sigh* One day I’ll be this good.

Happy birthday, Victoria

love & light

Clouds xxx

ps: say hi to David for me, will you? thanks luv:)

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