Support World Malaria Day; Save a Life by Looking Fab

These precious delights were delivered to me this morning. I’m saying precious because they’re more than just gorgeous arm candy which will compliment any trendy look from denim on denim to boho- chic. They also carry power; the power to save a life.

I think an armful of the multi-coloured ones will look fun against denim. Or try the pearly strands with black.

Now before you race off in the opposite direction spurred by thoughts of voo-doo charm; read on.

Influence PR, the benefactor of my charm bracelets are working with the South African division of a global partnership called United Against Malaria (UAM) to help raise awareness for World Malaria Day which is tomorrow, Wednesday, 25 April.

Malaria is a disease which kills one child in Africa every 60 seconds. Shocking huh? Something as simple as purchasing a mosquito net will save a life but like everything in life, safety measures cost money. This is how you can help.

UAM has collaborated with Relate, a beading organisation which supports employment and social development in townships, to create a signature bracelet. The sale of one UAM bracelet, the brightly coloured one; can help protect a child for up to five years from this killer disease.

R30.00 couldn’t can’t buy you a vodka cocktail, a new lipgloss or even a movie ticket, but it can save a life. Support UAM in their quest to reduce a frightening statistic to zero buy purchasing a bracelet for R30.00 from Cape Union Mart and Old Khaki stores nationwide. The pearly bracelet is a Relate product available from Poetry. Either way, you’re doing good and looking glam at the same time. It’s that simple.

You may also offer your support for World Malaria Day by following United Against Malaria, Relate and Cape Union Mart on Facebook, and sharing news via Twitter by following @UAMalaria, @RelateBracelets and @CapeUnionMart

Here’s to saving a precious life one bracelet at a time. Happy shopping.

love & light

Clouds xxx